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About Sue Berlie Shamanic CoachI am Sue Lightning Heart, Shamanic Coach certified by the Institute of Shamanic Medicine and lifelong student of shamanism. I have been gifted with some of the experiences and teachings of the healing power of shamanism, and beyond the obligation I feel to share these teachings, my passion is to empower you through Shamanic Coaching to be the best you can be.

I arrived in this life with a deep sensitivity and desire to help others find peace. Immersed in an incongruent environment, I turned away from my truth and began my journey into and through the darkness of disconnect and self-destruction. Finally, when my body began to fail, I found the will to embark upon the winding road of discovering who I am and what complete healing encompasses. I remain grateful to and for all the teachers who  challenge, encourage and support me.

The strength and loving support of the Shamanic Way provided what I needed to face and clear my fears. As I began to meet myself as a whole human and as a healer, I gained true self-realization, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, connection and a deepening appreciation of Sacred Life, balance and self-governance. Within the flexible container of Ceremonies, Journeys and interlocking Medicine Wheels, I was able to find my way in a manner and at a pace that worked for me.

Becoming a Shamanic Coach was about so much more than textbook learning. I’ve undergone my own exploration and experiential healing in order to be clear, intuitive and neutral enough to see you, to provide an effective container and to hold a sacred healing space for you, my client, to do your own healing work. To the transformative possibilities of Shamanic Coaching, I bring my abilities, training and experience as a pharmacist, personal trainer, aquatic exercise instructor, Reiki Practitioner, hospice volunteer, Backman Emotional Technique Practitioner and Wellness For Life Practitioner.

I am grateful to live in the beautiful forest above Peachland, BC, with my husband of 23 years, where I continue to deepen my passion for shamanic teachings, percussion and time spent in nature hiking and kayaking.

If you are ready to meet your whole self as the powerful, healed human that you can be, contact me.


“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself; if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”
– Lao Tzu