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Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesWhat Shamanic Coaching Is and Does:
  • Earth-based healing
  • Self-empowering
  • Facilitates shamanic knowledge, ceremonial process and ritual
  • Bridges the ancient Shamanic teachings of North, Central and South Americas
  • Fosters powerful transformation using shamanic techniques and tools
  • Bypasses the conscious mind
  • Encourages your inner journey to access your own inner wisdom and intuition
  • Encourages inner authority and self-responsibility
  • Fosters self-realization and authenticity
  • Fosters spiritual development
  • Encourages your evolutionary journey of discovery and engagement in your world
  • Restores the spirit, soul, body, heart and mind from and within all lifetimes
  • Holistically addresses what you need at this time
  • Encourages humour and play
  • Provides individually tailored healing sessions according to your intent
  • Provides direct experience of spiritual knowledge and healing
  • Integrates well with other modalities and all religions
  • Re-establishes balance and wellness by working with your energy body, your emotional body, your Life-Force itself, your spiritual aspect and your psyche
  • Goes directly to the heart of the matter. As a Shamanic Coach, I listen deeply and apply my intuitive skills to see the direction of fastest movement
  • Encourages Inner Balance: a clear flowing heart, quiet mind, healthy and fit body, an expressive spirit and a Life-Force that moves dynamically outward from one’s center
  • Encourages a connection with nature so you can see, feel, know and engage with the living, breathing essence of the natural world

Shamanic Coaching provides teachings based on interlocking Medicine Wheels, which teach us that all life is interconnected, continuous, without beginning or end. ‘Medicine’ is power or knowledge. The Wheel represents the circle of life and includes everything.

The Path is forever. We can always be more alive, more balanced, more aligned, and more open-hearted.


Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesShamanic Coaching Is Not:

  • A religion
  • Talk therapy
  • Medical or other diagnosis and treatment
  • Interference in any way with medical or psychiatric treatment
  • Herbal medicine
  • Doing the work for you
  • A quick fix


Note: I do not call myself a shaman, a title respectfully reserved for the shamanic discipline of indigenous cultures that reaches back tens of thousands of years.


“…the Medicine Wheels are an inheritance that belongs to all of the Earth’s peoples. They have the power to transform not only each individual but also the course of humanity. The legacy of the Medicine Wheels renews our understanding of the true intelligence of our Sacred Mother Earth, and teaches that without healing of the Self there can be no healing of the world.” 
- Hyemeyohsts Storm