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The Drum
Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesDrums represent the heartbeat of Mother Earth. They have been used for signaling, gathering together, ceremony, celebration, vision questing, trance journeys, healing journeys, grounding and energy balancing. The most traditional material is rawhide on a wooden frame. The round shape represents interconnectedness and the circle of all life.

The drum’s rounded hollowness is reminiscent of the Divine Feminine from which all life springs, while the shape of the beater represents the masculine energy that is necessary to make the drum sound, which is a specific form of energy. Together they create the world of matter. Thus the sound of the drum represents the sound of creation. Since playing the drum balances male and female forces, the sound of the drum restores balance to our being.

Every drum has a unique power animal whose medicine assists the Shamanic Coach while drumming. Turtle is the power animal of my drum.

Trance Drum Journeys
The repetitive, monotonous rhythm of the drumbeat induces an altered state of consciousness in which the brain’s ability to imagine is remarkably enhanced. The mind’s inner chatter quiets, allowing connection with insights and answers to the journey’s intent. Examples of trance journeys: Restoration Journeys to help reconcile the past with self or others; Past Life Reclamation and Healing Journeys when a particular past life may hold answers to help resolve issues in this lifetime.


Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesPower Animal Drum Journeys
Every person has nine power or totem animals that represent the medicine they carry in their Earth Walk. These animals emulate each person’s abilities, talents and challenges. If one has not acknowledged and fully engaged their gifts, the animal may bring an understanding of the talents that need developing.

The Center Power Animal represents the essence of who we are, and the power of its gifts can be used in all areas of one’s life. This is the first power animal one journeys to meet and connect with. The other power animals assist in specific aspects of life, as well as in trance journeys, and are each met on separate drum journeys: Dream Animal, Healer Animal, Death Guide Animal, Recapitulation Animal, Past Life Animal, Warrior Animal and Shadow Animal.


By holding a stable vibration, crystals can help heal and balance us on every level. Being dynamic energy beings, humans are influenced by various stressors. Crystals can help re-align, adjust, influence or repair damaged areas of the human electromagnetic field.

Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesGraduated Crystals are used to:

  • balance the chakras when a person just doesn’t feel “right”
  • charge the chakras when a person feels low in energy
  • discharge the chakras when a person has blocked energy or low, unmoving energy
  • balance the auric field when a person feels disconnected or a lack of physical co-ordination
  • contract the auric field for feelings of vulnerability
  • expand the auric field for greater connection with others
  • re-fire the auric field after a serious illness, trauma or shock

Shifting Crystal Wands are used to:

  • shift the assemblage point, which helps us gain command and fluidity in how we assemble reality
  • move slower, lower vibrating and stuck energy


Tuning Forks
Every cell, organ and system in our body is a sound resonator with cycles, rhythms, patterns and pulses that exist in resonant harmony to the cycles of the earth and the universe. These body systems respond to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental and emotional states of consciousness.
The vibrational sound energy of tuning forks has a healing effect by:

  • clearing energy blocks which can reduce pain and inflammation
  • acting as a cleansing device, dissolving trapped energy in and around the energy fields of the body
  • restoring the body to natural harmonic resonance


Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesFeathers
Feathers are our connection to the air element. Healing feathers can remove stuck and slower vibrating energy from the body, especially stuck emotional energy. Feathers are also used as a blessing and to cleanse the auric field.


Karmic Tie Cutting
Karmic attachments create patterns and actions that cause a person to stop their natural way of communicating and acting, thus the pattern is maintained and energy is lost. Based on humans as energy beings, karmic tie cutting cuts away, breaks and releases negative karmic attachments with significant people who have had an impact in our lives, freeing us to become autonomous, centered, internally-powerful and self-directed. Karmic tie cutting is also very effective in cutting away from our own negative recurring patterns and blocks such as co-dependent issues, control issues, guilt issues, shame, blame, self-pity, self-importance, etc. Into this technique, I weave my talents and experience as a Backman Emotional Technique Practitioner (a transformational system of releasing old, limiting beliefs through forgiveness) and as a Wellness For Life Practitioner (a multidimensional healing and personal transformation system) to create a powerful container for releasing what no longer serves you.


An ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, Ho’oponopono restores the balance of life and heals. When one forgives, others heal. When others heal, the collective heals. It encourages us to take responsibility for what we contribute to the morphogenetic field of humanity, not just from our conscious thoughts, words and actions but also from the shadows within our conscious and subconscious minds. The practice of Ho’oponopono helps us cleanse our separation and inner shadows.

Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesThought Form Recapitulation

A deeply healing process, thought form recapitulation resolves emotional conflicts at the level of the initiating cause and restructures the brain’s automatic thinking.

Internal dialogue is the brain’s ability to replay patterned thoughts automatically. Negative internal dialogue comes from unresolved situations that often have an underlying fear-based emotional component. Internal dialogue can also be the repetition of statements spoken to us in our childhood. Over time the internal dialogue becomes a patterned response that plays within the brain automatically. The habitual responses become memory tapes that combine with similar memory tapes each feeding a stream of similar inner dialogue tapes. The brain naturally organizes similar thoughts together, resulting in internal dialogue that has many tapes, thoughts and memories associated with it. The fear-based originating emotional component of each strand of inner dialogue produces a survival impulse of fight, flight or freeze, arising in the amygdala before it even has a chance to be analyzed by the neocortex. These survival-based emotions cause changes in the body’s physiology, resulting in a state of stress.

Thought form recapitulation begins the process of shutting off the internal dialogue memory tapes, allowing us to be in command of our thoughts and at choice with what needs attention and action and what does not.


Ceremony is the opportunity to look deeply within at what is, what was and what can be. Through interacting and connecting with the power of nature and of life, the ceremonial process sparks your healing and growth and guides you in meeting your Self.

Ceremony is best used:  
  • when time for introspection is required          
  • when what is isn’t working and what can be is unknown
  • during a transitional period in one’s life
  • during a critical learning period
  • when motivation and will are missing, accompanied by the desire to know why and move on

Sue Berlie Shamanic Coaching TechniquesCeremony incorporates an intent and basic ritual which leads to transformation and inner and outer integration. In addition to the numerous tried and tested ceremonies that exist, I can create personalized ceremonies that address your unique needs and intent.
A Rite of Passage Ceremony is the celebration of facing a major milestone in life, one that is age-related or one that grows out of a profound shift in circumstances, by welcoming the challenge it gives to grow into the best person you can be. It provides the framework to look at what you are facing and to celebrate it as an opportunity to grow into a new level of awareness and to open to the wisdom this change brings. Rites of passage ceremonies teach you how to take responsibility for your life and to celebrate yourself as you seek to understand where you’ve been and where you’re going. By marking the milestones of your journey in life, you arrive at a new position of power, balance and understanding.


Teachings enhance our self-knowledge, which is the foundation for all other knowledge. Self-knowledge and self-awareness help you to gain self-command, to take responsibility for yourself and to learn from the outcomes of your choices and actions.
The teachings offered include:

  • Body Type: Energetic Body Holding Patterns
  • Dreaming/Stalking
  • Moods of Stalking
  • Core Personality
  • Cultivating Pleasure
  • Alters/Mesas